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Collected letters of Imam Rabbani

Imam Rabbani's Mektubat was compiled into three volumes.

Volume 1 contains 313 letters, and was compiled by Khwajah Yar Muhammad Badakhshi Talqani (rahmatullah alaih), a murid of Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi. The volume was named as Durr al-Ma'rifat and was finished in 1025 AH, as the Shaykh ordered to complete it at 313 letters, 313 being a sacred number.

Volume 2 was named as Noor al-Khallaq and contains 99 letters. It was compiled by Khwajah Abdul Hayy.

Volume 3 was compiled by Khwajah Muhammad Hashim Kashmi and contains 124 letters. The volume was named Ma'rifat al-Haqa'iq.